Aak! I just flashed a delivery man. Accidentally of course! Had ordered some food for my boytoy and his friends to munch on during the game today. They aren't here yet and I'm still in my skimpies. Finished a hot call right before the delivery arrived, and in my haste getting dressed I didn't realize my nipple was poking out of my top. Was wondering why the poor man was looking sideways as I signed the receipt. I looked down and HELLO! There it was, hard and glorious, waving to him. I apologized profusely, gave him a big tip and ran inside. I order from this place a lot, too ... so embarassing!!

Quarterback Special!

Okay you hornies, because I know how much many of you love football I'm offering a special treat today and tomorrow (that's all weekend!). My blog readers will receive my "quarterback special" - 5 free mins ADDED to any order, for blog readers only! This special is for today and tomorrow only. Please be sure to mention this special when you email me for availability so I can set aside that extra time for you. Remember there are no carryover minutes, so be sure to order only the amount of time you need. 15 to 20 minutes is good for a nice satisfying suck and fuck double whammy. 30 mins or more is good for involved fantasies and special kinks.

Have your toys and lube ready when you call ... I make you use them for real! My link with info and my email addy is :)

No Egis Allowed

So I showed M my blog, and he saw the entry below. He has a big head
now. But then I went and did another guy, actually J, so M don't have
too big of a head. Though you sure are cute :) And no, J doesn't have
the blog link, I'd be too shy for that lol. He knows me too well. Six

I've had enough sex for today. Tomorrow I'm petsitting
and writing a few stories, but I'll be online taking calls as well.
Into 70s music lately, bigtime. Diana Ross, yeah baby. I might get a
new ipod, yummy!

zzz goodnight.

My Crush

I am not new to this business. I've been talking dirty on the phone for, hmmm, six years now. In all that time, with all those guys (hehe), only TWO have ever gotten under my skin. That's pretty good.

One, J, came along about five years ago. Started as an occasional caller, then a bit more regular, and pretty soon we were chatting at all different times about all different things. We liked each other, and several times he made business trips to New York and wanted to meet. But I don't meet clients, that's rule #1. Once you are a client, that is the most you can be. Anything more crosses the line to prostitution, and .... no.

J and I kept it up for a few years. I had a crush, bigtime. We never met, but he was my naughty vice. Eventually it died down and we lost touch for about a year. One day I logged into an old aim address and boom there he was. We reestablished a friendship that lasts to this day. And yes, he is still a nice client :)

So I thought, with relief, whew that's over. No more silly crushes for me. Until oh, about a month ago, along came M. I knew he was trouble in the first five minutes. Great guy, smart, funny, handsome (he sent me a pic), loves animals, stable, all that cool stuff girls like. Now I am sure lots of clients are like this, but we don't have a chance to explore it. With M, we have. A lot. Talk about the perfect guy for me ... sheesh. So yeah, he's under my skin now but I'm fighting it. Here we go.


Ten Top Trivia Tips about Mia!

  1. Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat Mia'.

  2. Mia is actually a vegetable, not a fruit.

  3. Originally, Mia could not fly.

  4. During World War II, Americans tried to train Mia to drop bombs.

  5. The international dialling code for Mia is 672.

  6. Olive oil was used for washing Mia in the ancient Mediterranean world.

  7. It's bad luck to put Mia on a bed.

  8. Mia has enough fat to produce 32 bars of soap.

  9. Three seagulls flying overhead are a warning that Mia is near!

  10. Mia will often glow under UV light!

I am interested in - do tell me about



Ugggghhh barely. I've been staying up so late with you horny boys! And what's this fascination lately with, err, "surprise" sex? Must be all those hot cousins you guys were around for the holidays. LMAO I'm not complaining, it's fun, but there's definitely something in the air.

So I'm here. Around most of the day except some afternoon hours when I NEED to run some errands with my lil pussycat covered :)

xoxoxo love you too!

Phone sex and neighbors

I've lived in my NYC apartment for 20 years. It was a family apartment, and now it is mine. My upstairs neighbors have been here longer, and the girl, who is a few years older than me, now lives there with her father. We call each other occasionally to check in, make sure all is ok, update each other on our other neighbors and so forth.

So last week I left her a message saying happy holidays, hope all is well, give me a call soon. Came home a couple of days later to find a note at my door from her. She thanked me for my call, said all is ok, and that she did not call me back because she didn't want to tie up my phone line.

Um, oops. I didn't realize I was so loud.


So the holidays are over. Guess what, I'll be around more now :) I have MISSED spending the bulk of my time in my bed with toys and phone. And yes, I really do all those things I'm describing to you during our call ... xo


I spoke with a serious hottie this afternoon. During our conversation, he gave me the link to his brother's website with pictures, and ohhhh man. I wanted to crawl through the phone and jump him. I told him so, too. That's one of the many fun things about this job. I can be as open and as naughty as I want. For example if I'm taking to a guy I know in real life, not a phone sex call but casual conversation, I cannot say to him "hey I want to crawl through the phone and fuck you silly!". He would be shocked! Maybe after I know him for a while, and have done him a few times, I can say that. But not in our first phone call. In this job, though, I can. And I love that.

And yes, I would have ridden him harder than he's ever been before ;)